The Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club appreciates all the support that the amateur
community has given us over the year as members and in general the donations
we have received. Now that the club has entered the digital information
technology world, we have created a donation page on our website. This makes
things easier if you live afar from the club and wish to donate. We appreciate all
the members paying their dues and others that have donated to the upgrades we
have done to the repeater and equipment. By no means is there any obligation to
donate to the club. This page was created by Rusty VE3WVA as our webmaster
that if someone wished to donate it would be easy to do so. Again, we appreciate
all the support amateurs have given us throughout the years. We look forward to
your participation in club activities and look forward to hearing you on the air.
Happy hamming
Allan Boyd
Manitoulin amateur Radio Club Inc.

Please use this button for DONATIONS to the club ONLY; Not for paying membership dues.