Greetings to All Club Members and Fellow Amateurs,
Time has come again to advise that the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc. must have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which includes the Presidents and Financial report to the membership. As you may recall normally prior to the Covid-19 world the club membership would meet for a lunch get together and then have the meeting at a conference room. The location was in Espanola so that members from all areas of Manitoulin, the North Shore, Elliot Lake, and Sudbury could attend. Last year we had to cancel the event due to the Pandemic and this year is not different and I am sad to advise we cannot meet as a group at this stage. The good news like last year the meeting was conducted using the Zoom format and was very successful. So, we are going to again have this year’s AGM on a zoom conference, and all are welcome to attend.
Due to the MARC by-laws, we must give 30 days’ notice of the meeting so this is to officially advise that this years Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc. Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday April 25, 2021 at 1:00 pm on Zoom format same as we have our Saturday morning get togethers. I will be sending out the invitations to all club members and those that wish to attend the meeting. Please be reminded that you need to be a PAID-UP MEMBER of the club to vote on any items. The club executive positions of Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer are due for election. We will have many other agenda items on where the club is going and how it will move forward during Covid-19.
I am hoping that many of you will be able to attend on zoom and join us for the meeting. As the meeting date gets closer, I will be sending out the Zoom link and an agenda of the topic items for the meeting. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to nominate anyone for the position of Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer please send the notice to me via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
WHEN: Sunday 25 April 2021 at 1:00 PM
WHERE: On Zoom Conference Call
WHY: MARC AGM for 2021
Allan Boyd
Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc.
27 Red Mill Road, P.O. Box 208,
Little Current, Ontario
(705)-368-2779 (Home)
(705)-869-8284 (Cell)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Email

Our club now has a Face Book group page, where we can share information not only about radio, but in general as well.

It can be found here:




Come on over and see what's happening!


Since this pandemic has started, we have been holding Zoom meetings every Saturday at 10:00 in lieu of our breakfast meetings.

It is VERY informational, with many different topics discussed.

If you wish to participate, make sure Al has your email address and he will add you to the list.

Invitations are sent Friday nights or Saturday mornings.

Contact Al at al black bg email

It can speed things up if you visit to download & install Zoom.

Taken from the Ontars website:

"This ham of the year can regularly be found at GBARC club meetings and breakfasts. 

Actively contributes good ideas to the executive during these events.  Has

participated on a very regular basis at the weekly GBARC nets.  Can be found on

ONTARS on a regular basis.  Often times is the GBARC or ONTARS net operator and is

very good at it.  Has picked up on the digital radio presentations from the club

meetings and is using some of these items for digital comms.  Can be found using

digital to participate in other amateur radio club nets.  I can honestly say that this

ham of the year is very sociable and promotes the virtues of Ham Radio."


Maureen has been a long standing member of our club here on Manitoulin, and has

been a regular at our annual picnics.  She also checks in on the DSTAR nets on

Mondays, and on the website for our Sunday and Thursday nets.  She is working on her

CW as well as getting involved in the digital modes, who KNOWS where she finds the




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