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Al Boyd, VE3AJB
President, MARC Inc.

Here are the minutes of the the Annual General Meeting of the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc. that took place on Sunday April 07 2019 at the Pinewood Inn in Espanola, Ontario. Any coments or concerns please let me know please njoy the read. Thanks

Allan Boyd - VE3AJB President M.A.R.C. Inc.



April 7, 2019


The meeting was held at the Pinewood Restaurant in Espanola. The meeting officially started at 1:27 p.m. and concluded at 3:58 p.m.




Al Boyd - President VE3AJB

Martin Connell VA3MFC


Bob Playter VE3TKH

Louella Noble Acting Secretary Treasurer VE3LDY




Jeff Noble VE3JFN

Ingrid Schwunk VA3WIH

Mike Bauer VE3OLC

Mike Patterson VE3KPP

Rod Pears VA3RP

Bob Manley VA3KYK

Mike Bourcier VE3MKN

Jerry Kitts VA3GWK

Bill Rorison VE3WVJ

Brian Dixon VE3BHD

Richard Burtt VE3GPA

Gary Cotnam VE3WGC

Chris Turbitt VE3DUC

Harry Wolfe VE3EPW

Denis Bedard VE3KWN

Gerard Clarette VA3GJC

Gloria Counsell VE3EOP

Denis Bois VE3OOZ

Eugene Grenier VA3EMG

Bill Wickenden VE3BEK

Jenny Cruise VA3JCX

Tanner Wright VA3GWW

Vic Liimatainen VE3KBU

Aaron Wright VE3GWW

Earl Andrews VE3AB

Sharon Montgomery VE3SMM

Igor Slakva VE3ZF

Rusty Auxier VE3WVA

Pat Dopson VE3HZQ

Rolly Blanchette VA3CRE


Opening remarks and state of the club – Al Boyd

VE3RMI turned 31 on this day.


Additions to current agenda – Pat Dopson re Field Day

                                                Martin Connell re Kite Day

Motion to accept revised agenda moved by Pat Dopson

                        Seconded by Rolly Blanchette

                        Motion Carried

Minutes from 2018 AGM read in by Al Boyd. Explanation as to reasons we do not hold monthly meetings – due to geographic expanse of membership.

Membership informed of the resignation of Jim McLean – Vice President and Emergency Coordinator for Ares, as well as Lorraine McLean – Secretary/Treasurer due to health reasons. As per incorporation rules the positions needed to be filled. Bob Playter stated that all members must vote on any nominations for positions, not just the members in attendance.

Louella Noble VE3LDY was nominated for the position of Secretary/Treasurer the floor was then open for further nominations and no other names came forward. A vote was taken, and all were in favour with no opposition. It was put to the members that for those not in attendance if a member would like to put their name forward or any nomination for this position they will have the opportunity to do so via email or phone call. Members will have one week, until 15th April to respond and if no further response Lou Noble VE3LDY will be elected as the new Secretary Treasurer. If we do receive further names, then a balloted vote will take place.

Motion to accept nomination – Brian Dixon

Seconded – Rusty Auxier

Motion Carried

For the position of Vice-president Rusty Auxier VE3WVA was placed forward for the position. A vote was taken, and all were in favour with no opposition. It was put to the members that for those not in attendance if a member would like to put their name forward or any nomination for this position they will have the opportunity to do so via email or phone call. Members will have one week, until 15th April to respond and if no further response Rusty Auxier VE3WVA will be elected as the new Vice President. If we do receive further names, then a balloted vote will take place.

Motion to accept nomination – Martin Connell

Seconded – Jeff Noble

Motion Carried

Motion made to accept the minutes of the last AGM by Rusty Auxier

Seconded by Jeff Noble

Motion Carried

Financial Report presented by acting Treasurer Louella Noble

                                    Motion to accept Financial Report – Al Boyd

                                    Seconded – Jeff Noble

                                    Motion Carried

Presentation to membership regarding VE3RMI proposed changes and cost.

Options put forth to membership consideration:

1:         Purchase the antenna and heliax and hire Spectrum for the install, as well as getting the Opinion Letter from Grundy to present to CBC.

2:         If CBC requires an engineering study, apply for grants and/or try for additional donations.

3:         Leave the existing antenna and heliax and purchase new duplexers.

Upon discussion with the members in attendance, option 1 was chosen.

Brian Dixon raised the motion to increase dues as the club will be running a deficit as of January 1, 2020 as we will be taking over the internet costs. To date that expense has been paid for by Al.

Also discussed was the importance of all members paying their dues on time due to expenses having to be paid in a timely manner.

RAC membership discussed regarding the savings to the club for our insurance when our members also join RAC.

Motion to raise membership dues effective January 1, 2020

            Single Membership to be $40.00 per year

Family Membership to be $60.00 per year, with family membership being no more than 3 people.

                                                Moved – Rusty Auxier

                                                Seconded – Pat Dopson/Bil Wickenden

                                                Motion carried all in favour


Martin Connell has volunteered to step into the Emergency Coordinator position for Ares.

Field Day – options being looked into for changing locations

Kite Day – June 2, 2019 in Gore Bay – would like to have members in attendance to represent the club – using either a kite or weather ballon to make contacts and raise awareness of amateur radio.

Al put forward to the membership that we should purchase a plaque for Jim and Lorraine McLean for all their years of dedication and hard work for the club. Unanimously agreed upon by members.

Motion to conclude the meeting made by Brian Dixon

Seconded by Richard Burtt

Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned at 3:58 pm                                                          

Hello Fellow Amateurs;

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those hams that were able to attend the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc. Annual General Meeting at the Pinewood Inn on Sunday in Espanola. It was wonderful to see everyone again and I was overwhelmed with the turn out. We had over 40 amateurs that attended to the point it was standing room only in the meeting room.

As per our new by-laws and government incorporation laws I have a duty as your President to inform the membership that was unable to attend as to what took place and give an opportunity for those not in attendance to respond. I have attached the agenda and the items were discussed and voted on with the people in attendance. We will be completing the minutes and will distribute to all and have it posted on our website at so please watch for it. Here are the main points discussed and voted

  1. Since our present members of the club executive submitted a resignation letter Jim & Lorraine McLean our Vice-President and Treasurer asked to resign from their positions due to health reasons as per incorporation rules the positions needed to be filled. Louella Noble VE3LDY was nominated for the position of Secretary/Treasurer the floor was then open for further nominations and no other names came forward. A vote was taken, and all were in favour with no opposition. I am now opening the floor for those that were not in attendance to see if anyone else that is a member would like to put their name forward or any nomination for this position. I am putting one week forward until 15th April and if I hear no further response Lou Noble VE3LDY will be elected as the new Secretary Treasurer. If I do receive further names, then a balloted vote will take place.
  2. The position of Vice-president was open and Rusty Auxier VE3WVA name was placed forward for the position. No other came forward it was voted, and all present were in favour with none opposed. I am putting the position forward if there are any further names to come forward for this position. Again I will give to 15th April and if nothing comes forward then Rusty Auxier will be elected as our new VP.

The position on the VE3RMI was discussed and the voted position by all in attendance with no opposed was to go ahead with the project to purchase the new antenna and heliax check with CBC regulations and hire the riggers to install the system. All were in favour. Again if nothing further heard I will give a week until 15th April for any further discussion if nothing heard then this will be the plan of action.

The topic of dues and after a long discussion it was decide that the MARC Inc. dues need to be increased for the cost of operations and payment of Insurance, Hydro and Internet costs. A Motion was put forth with these figures to increase the dues from $30 single membership to $40 a year and $40 Family to $60 Family 2 or more max 3 members. This was voted for with all in favour none opposed. Again if anyone has concerns or comments please bring it to my attention and if nothing heard this will be passed. Please be advised this will start in the year 2020 this year the dues will remain the same.

Full details will be in the minutes that will be sent out in e-mail and posted to our website. Again if you wish to be informed regarding future issues with the club it is required to become a member and we must have your present contact information as to address, phone number and e-mail so we can contact you. You do not need to be a member of our club to enjoy the use of the repeaters or systems and attend our events. However non members of course will have no voting privileges and access codes to internet repeater systems.

We are moving forward with the club and this new repeater update will provide further and better access to the VE3RMI system and with the second phase of System Fusion C4FM linking coverage to the world on RMI what does that mean you can sit in your living room with a handheld and join us on the repeater.

Please stay tuned for further updated to those that paid your membership thank you so much for those still waiting please send them in as we do need the funds to pay the bills.



Allan Boyd



Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc.

27 Red Mill Road, P.O. Box 208,

Little Current, Ontario


(705)-368-2779 (Home)

(705)-869-8284 (Cell) Email

Greetings to All Amateurs New and Old;

Hello everyone I am sending this notice to invite you all to come out, have lunch, and attend a very important meeting of the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc.. It will take place on Sunday 07 April 2019 at 12 noon for lunch and the meeting following at 1:00 pm at the Pinewood Inn Restaurant on Centre Street in Espanola, Ontario. Espanola was chosen in hopes that members of the club from the North Shore and Manitoulin Island, Elliot Lake, Sudbury and any other location could join us. There have been some changes within the radio club that I would like to update you on. I am also very pleased to announce that the club has received a huge donation of money from the Little Current Lion’s Club for the upgrade of the VE3RMI repeater system. I would like to present the updates, plans and of course to vote and get approval from the club membership to purchase new equipment for the repeater system. As you may know Jim and Lorraine McLean VE3LJM and VE3LMJ have stepped down from the executive positions due to health reasons and we are required to fill the vacancies so we will be voting on these positions for Vice President and Treasurer. I am happy to report that Jim and Lorraine are still members of the club.

The plans are to meet at 12 noon in the Pinewood Inn Restaurant for lunch (order off the menu and pay your own) then after lunch we will attend the Regency Meeting Room to conduct the meeting. Under our new By-laws passed last year it is important that all past and present members of the club be notified of this meeting. I am doing this in hopes that some of you that have not been active would like to renew your membership and join us again for all the fun we have in the club. Membership dues for the year 2019 are now due and we still have many outstanding members that have not renewed. I am also pleased to report the dues have not increased and are still $30.00 for single and $40.00 for family. The dues money goes towards covering you under our insurance and for hydro to run the VE3RMI repeater and of course to help maintain the many repeater systems the club has to offer. In order to keep our records up to date if we have not heard from you in over 2 years your name will be removed from the e-mail list and you will be no longer covered under the insurance. If you would like to mail in your dues all the information is on our club website at the address to mail is Allan Boyd P.O. Box 208, Little Current, Ontario P0P1K0. Hopefully by then the weather will be fine for you attend as it plans to be a great get together for us.

So here is the information again.

WHAT: The Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc. Lunch Get Together and Annual General Meeting

WHEN: Sunday 07th April 2019 at 12:00 Noon for Lunch Meeting to follow at 1:00 pm

WHERE: Pinewood Inn and Restaurant 378 Centre Street, Espanola, Ontario

WHY: To vote in new executive and vote on purchase of equipment for the VE3RMI repeater and get updated on all the plans.

HOW: Jump in your vehicle and come and join us, talk-in is on the VE3RMI repeater 147.270 + no tone required

If you could please reply and let me know if you received this notice and whether you will be attending as I need to let the restaurant know the numbers for lunch.

Again this is a very important meeting to get updated and vote on the new plans for the VE3RMI Repeater System plus a chance for all to meet again face to face. I thank you as your President for your support and look forward to hopefully seeing you on the 7th of April.



Allan Boyd



Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc.

Great news the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc. has recieved a large donation from the Little Current Lion's Club. Last year the Manitoulin executive worked on an application to be able to except donations through the Ontario Lottery program. An application was submitted and accepted as the club met the details of the application. As a result I approched the Little Current Lions Club explaining that the club relies on our main repeater VE3RMI. The exsisting equipment including antenna and feedline was installed some 25 years ago and is in need of repelacement. Plus other equipment like duplexers and amplifier was also needed. A detailed list of replacement equipment was given to the Lions Club in hopes of recieving a donation to replace some of it. Last week the President of the Lion's Club Mr. Bruce Burnett advised that their club met and without hesitation wrote a cheque in the amount of $9,500.00 for the purchase of all the equipment and was handed to myself as President of the MARC. This will cover the total replacement of the VE3RMI repeater with brand new equipment providing emergency and public service communications for many decades to come. Great thanks are given to the Little Current Lion's club and a formal media event will be scheduled in the near future. Plan are now in the works for the purchase of new equipment and replacement of the old. Stay tuned for further details.



Allan Boyd VE3AJB

President - MARC

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