Great news the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club Inc. has recieved a large donation from the Little Current Lion's Club. Last year the Manitoulin executive worked on an application to be able to except donations through the Ontario Lottery program. An application was submitted and accepted as the club met the details of the application. As a result I approched the Little Current Lions Club explaining that the club relies on our main repeater VE3RMI. The exsisting equipment including antenna and feedline was installed some 25 years ago and is in need of repelacement. Plus other equipment like duplexers and amplifier was also needed. A detailed list of replacement equipment was given to the Lions Club in hopes of recieving a donation to replace some of it. Last week the President of the Lion's Club Mr. Bruce Burnett advised that their club met and without hesitation wrote a cheque in the amount of $9,500.00 for the purchase of all the equipment and was handed to myself as President of the MARC. This will cover the total replacement of the VE3RMI repeater with brand new equipment providing emergency and public service communications for many decades to come. Great thanks are given to the Little Current Lion's club and a formal media event will be scheduled in the near future. Plan are now in the works for the purchase of new equipment and replacement of the old. Stay tuned for further details.



Allan Boyd VE3AJB

President - MARC